THSLL Districts
  • Coach of the Year
  • Assistant Coach of the Year
  • Person of the Year
  • Bob Patterson Award
  • THSLL Commissioners
  • Commissioners Award
  • USL Academic All Americans
  • USL All Americans
  • US Lacrosse North vs South All Star
  • THSLL Division I State Champions
  • THSLL Division II State Champions
  • Special Awards

Coach of the Year

Coach of the year is for coaches who exemplify the ideals of the game within the THSLL. This award is intended to recognize the individuals overall coaching performance and contribution, not just coaching wins although they may be considered.

Each District (Central, North, San Antonio and South) shall select an honoree during their respective District THSLL Awards Selection Meeting at the conclusion of the THSLL season. These honorees will automatically be candidates for the Texas Area US Lacrosse Coach of the Year & Assistant Coach of the Year to be voted on by the Texas Area All-American Selection Committee.

2018 David Cohn, St. John's
2017 Keith Tintle, Woodlands
2016 Chris Delfausse, Westlake
2015 Tom Keaton, Westlake DII
2014 Kevin Barnicle, Greenhill
2013 Zack Colburn, Allen
2012 Evan Whelchel, Westlake
2011 Bill Elliott, Hillcrest
2010 Derek Thomson, Highland Park
2009 Mike Newton, Memorial HS
2008 Dave Seale, The Woodlands HS
2007 Andy Garrigan, Austin High School
2006 Scott Aubin, McCallum High School
2005 Derek Thomson
2004 John Gilbert
2003 Hayward Lee
2002 Paul DiMarco, Strake Jesuit
2001 no award
2000 Hayward Lee Episcopal, Dallas
1999 Tom Nolan, III- Dallas Jesuit
1998 Earl Bill- St. Mary’s Hall
1997 Bryon Lawson, Jr.- Kincaid
1996 Sam Chambers- St. John’s
1995 Earl Bill- St. Mary’s Hall
-- Drew Hewit- Bellaire;
-- Rob Braceland- Plano
-- Mike Shade;
-- Peter Lehle- Episcopal, Hou.
-- Drew Hewitt- Bellaire;
-- Tony Kimmey- Dallas Jesuit
1991 Dick Kermer- Berkner High
1990 Rich Weigand- Austin High
-- Dave Vollmer;
-- Dave Vaness- Lamar High

Assistant Coach of the Year

Assistant coach of the year is for coaches who exemplify the ideals of the game within the THSLL. This award is intended to recognize the individuals overall coaching performance and contribution, not just coaching wins although they may be considered.

Each District (Central, North, San Antonio and South) shall select an honoree during their respective District THSLL Awards Selection Meeting at the conclusion of the THSLL season. These honorees will automatically be candidates for the Texas Area US Lacrosse Coach of the Year & Assistant Coach of the Year to be voted on by the Texas Area All-American Selection Committee.

Starting in 2019 US Lacrosse no longer awards this. 
2018 Woodroe Kiser, Westlake DII
2017 Dom Fin, Lake Travis
2016 Al Christopher, Woodlands
2015 John O'Malley, Kinkaid
2014 Stuart Shaw, Anderson
2013 Jamie Debole, St. Andrews
2012 Dave Smith, St. Marks
2011 Craig Reeves, Strake Jesuit
2010 Connor Cook, Episcopal Houston
2009 Denis Lambert, Plano
2008 Joe Siedlecki, Austin HS
2007 John  O’Malley, Kinkaid
2006 "Jimmy" Brooks, Episcopal School, Houston

Person of the Year

Each District (Central, North, San Antonio and South) shall select a THSLL District Person of the Year award honoree whose individual whose dedication, commitment, and support of lacrosse and its ideals extends beyond his/her specific Member Team. These honorees will automatically be candidates for the Texas Area US Lacrosse Man of the Year (though it could be a woman) to be voted on by the THSLL Executive Committee.

2024 - No Award
2023 - Joe Donoghue                                                                                                                                                                                      2022 - Jim Warner, Clear Springs
2021 - Mike Ormsby THSLL Board
2020 - No Award
2019 - No Award
2018 - No Award
2017 - Bill Elliot, Hillcrest
2016 - Rich Moses, Highland Park
2015 - Brendan Logue
2014 - Doug Dickson
2013 - Scott Aubin, McNeil
2012 - Al Picazo, Central District
2011 - Gretchen Waltz, Stony Point
2010 - Jeremy Platt, Kinkaid
2009 - Edie Lycke BRIDGE-Dallas
2008 - Stobie Whitmore, St. John's School
2007 - Rich Coccaro, Southlake Carroll
2006 - Sam Chambers, St. John's School

Patterson Award

An annual award named in honor of Bob Patterson, former President and Chief Referee of the Lacrosse Official’s Association. (LOA). Each year, the LOA membership selects a men’s high school program for their sportsmanship, quality of play, respect for the game’s character, and the honor that they bring to the sport.

2024 - St. Thomas
2023 - Reagan
2022 - Woodlands
2021 - Highland Park
2020 - Atascocita
2019 - Strake Jesuit
2018 - McKinney
2017 - Vandegrift
2016 - St. John's
2015 - Southlake
2014 - Flower Mound
2013 - St. John's School, Sam Chambers Head Coach
2012 - TMI, The Episcopal School of Texas
2011 - Anderson High School
2010 - Westwood
2009 - Highland Park
2008 - Friendswood High School
2007 - Greenhill
2006 - Plano
2005 - St. Mark’s
2004 - Episcopal of Dallas
2003 - Episcopal of Dallas
2002 - No selection
2001 - Episcopal of Dallas 
2000 - Kingwood High
1999 - McCallum High

THSLL Commissioners

2022-present - Mike Ormsby
2019 - 2021 Joe Donoghue          
2018 - 2019 Ray Martin
2013 - 2017 Al Picazo
2010 - 2012 Ray Martin
2008 - 2009 Jay Widdig
2006 - 2007 David Hamill
2002 - 2005 Mike Crimmins
1999 - 2001 Chris Peters
1997 - 1998 Dave Vollmer
1995 - 1996 Earl Bill
1993 - 1994 Lee Smith
1989 - 1992 Randy Bryant

Commissioners Award

In recognition of their efforts to further sportsmanship and the highest of ideals held by the THSLL.

2023 Player Rob Riser, St. John's
2012 Nicholas W. Mahowald, St. Marks
2011 William Wallace, St. Johns
2010 Tyler McLamb, Strake Jesuit
2009 Connor Ryan, Greenhill School
2008 Jack Murtha, Highland Park HS

US Lacrosse Academic All Americans

US Lacrosse Academic All American Criteria

  • Must be a junior or senior (FYI - the past couple of years the committee from TX only considered seniors but juniors can selected so feel free to send both)
  • Must have played in majority of games and be a significant contributor
  • Should have community service, involvement outside of academics/athletics
  • Must have a minimum of a 3.7 from their freshman year until now
  • Must have shown good sportsmanship


Cullen Dawkins, St Andrew's Episcopal, Midfield
Harrison Hanson, Austin High School, Attack
Ollie Snider, TMI Episcopal, Defense
Theo Prosise, Westlake High School, Defense
Walker  Wright, Dripping Springs High School, Midfield


Lance Kahl, TMI
Hayden Kern, Westlake
Ryan Kerns, Memorial
Alex Mims, Austin
Thomas Morris, Flower Mound
Watt Muir, Kinkaid
Jack Murrell, Strake Jesuit
Charlie Ozaeta, Fort Worth Country Day
Sam Palmer, St Stephens
Henry Schecter, St. Marks  
Sam Taylor, Grapevine
Connor Tilton, Memorial


Cade Kilbride, St. Andrews, Defense
Connor Benzik, Reagan, Midfield
Ethan Herndon, Regents School of Austin, Attack
Kris Hatch, Vista Ridge, Attack
Raleigh Erwin, Lake Travis, Midfield
Andrew York, Frisco, LSM
Joey Smat, Fort Worth Lacrosse, Midfield
Kyle Rolley, Episcopal School of Dallas, Goalie
Noah Grimsley, Greenhill, LSM
Rogan Crumley, Ft .Worth Country Day, Midfield
Barrett Hobbs, St, John's School, Midfield
Basil Anaipakos, Strake Jesuit, Midfield
Kee Shaper, Kinkaid School, Attack
Parker Rose, St. John's School, Midfield
Trey Tuscai, Memorial , Defense
Wyatt Behan, Memorial , Defense

No Season

Brandon Wolov, Rockwall, Defense
Cameron Howley, Attack, St. Johns
Everett Easterby, Defense, Kinkaid
Fred Elmquist, Southlake, Defense
Hayden Lunde, Frisco, Attack
Jason Kroslowitz, Goalie, Woodlands
Luke Chapman, LSM, Memorial
Miles Sigel, Defense, Westlake
Nicholas Petter, Defense, Georgetown
Parker Stevens, Allen, Midfield
Peter Layne, Defense, Austin High
Salvador Alanis, Defense, Lake Travis
Seaver Sasso, Midfield, Kingwood
Tomisin Ogunfunmi, Bridge, Midfield
Warren Gignac, Midfield, TMI

Ryan Sauer, 2018, Flower Mound
Daniel Guerra, 2018, Central Catholic
Isaac Goldstone, 2018, St Marys Hall
Trey Froehlich, 2018, Regents School of Austin
Noah Fournier, 2018, Westlake
Michael Smat, 2018, Ft Worth Saints
Garrett Egan, 2018, Westlake
Ryan Thompson, 2018, Southlake
Christian DeAngelis, 2018, Regents School of Austin
Michael Revis, 2018, Strake Jesuit
Braden Rhone, 2018, ESD
Mark Tressler, 2018, Dripping Springs
Shane Lockhoof, 2018, Bowie
Miles Simpkins, 2018, Westwood
Reese Green, 2018, Westwood
Connor Browne, 2018, Trinity Valley
Alan Habashy, 2018, John Paul II
Stewart Lerner, 2018, St Andrews

Austin Azar, 2017, Midfield, Central D1, Westlake
Cuatro Santos, 2017, Midfield, Central D1, Westlake
Evan Viroslav, 2017, Midfield, San Antonio D2, St Marys Hall
Grant Miller, 2017, Midfield, North D2, Rockwall
Henry Womack, 2017, FOGO, Central D1, Westlake
JC Hohenshelt, 2017, Defense, North D2, Rockwall
Jed Hursh, 2017, Midfield, Central D1, Lake Travis
Michael Tsay, 2017, Defense, North D1, Southlake
Oliver Dina, 2017, LSM, Central D1, Westlake
Rob Lahourcade, 2017, Midfield, South D1, Kinkaid
Tate Dyer, 2017, Attack, South D2, Langham Creek
Trey Bender , 2017, Midfield, North D1, Episcopal School of Dallas
Trey Wiederecht, 2017, Attack, North D1, Dallas Jesuit
Turner Hamlin, 2017, Defense, Central D1, Westlake
Walker Moore, 2017, Midfield, Central D1, Westlake
Wheeler Gibson, 2017, Midfield, South D1, St. John’s

Ben Burton, Defense, Rockwall
Ben Medrano, Defense, Strake Jesuit
Davison Thompson, LSM, Austin
Greyson Maggio, Attack, Lake Travis
Jack Powell, Midfield, EHS
Jake Nathan, Attack, Westlake
Luke Mizell, Midfield, Westlake
Mason Moon, Goalie,    Allen
Matt Favre, Midfield, Dallas Jesuit
Philip Schwartz, Defense, Houston Christian
Rob Donnan, Midfield, Memorial
Ryan Sullivan, Attack, Reagan 
Shawn Rilley, Midfield, Dallas Jesuit
Trever Col, Midfield, Westwood
Will Hardin, Attack, Westlake

Patrick Dowell, Defense, Austin
Gavin McClure, Attack, Dallas Jesuit
Connor Mullen, Goalie, St. Mark’s
Joseph Rooney, FO/Midfield, Episcopal School of Dallas
James Schroeder, Midfield, Dallas Jesuit
Christopher Surran, Defense, Dallas Jesuit
Stephen Wang, Goalie, St. John’s
Rishi Kshatriya, Defense, St. Mark’s 

Jonathan Andrew Clark ,Defense, TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas
Carson Crow, Defense,Highland Park 
James Diamond, Defense,St. Marks 
Riley Graham, FO/Midfield, St. Marks 
Richard Hojel, LSM, St Andrews 
Brett Patterson, Midfield, Westlake 
Carter Scott Stathan, Midfield, Memorial 
Brian Welling,  Midfield, Woodlands 

Jose De Alba, Goalie, TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas
Grant Bowling, Defense, Cy-Fair
Matthew Goodman, Defense, LBJ/LASA
Andrew Graffy, Attack, St. Marks 

Robert William (Will) Brothers, Defense, St. Stephen's Episcopal School
Wells Waller, Defense, Episcopal School of Dallas
Collin Phillips, Attack, Klein High School
Ronald Heisser, Midfield, Reagan 

Phelps, Brent Sterling — Goalie, Taylor (Morton Ranch High School)
Fitts, Grant — Goalie, Episcopal School of Dallas
Nawalaniec, Jimmy — Midfield, Dallas Jesuit
Schochet, Jordan Andrew — Midfield, Plano West

Addy, Fred — Midfield (Dallas, TX/St. Marks, TX) — Princeton
Hoffmann, Mathew — Defense (Houston, TX/Strake Jesuit, TX)
Kim, Do Soon — Midfield (Houston, TX/Westside, TX)
Rankin, Zane — Midfield (Austin, TX/LBJ/LSA, TX)

Greif, Evan — Attack (San Antonio, TX/St. Mary's Hall, TX)
Hedrick, Kevin — Defense (Dallas, TX/Hillcrest, TX) — Duke
Spradling, Peter — Midfield (Houston, TX/Kinkaid School, TX) — Dartmouth

Bayer, Nick — Defense (Houston, TX/Strake Jesuit, TX) — Army
Brousseau, Arthur — Defense (Dallas, TX/St. Mark's, TX) — Princeton
MacGibbon, James — Attack (Plano, TX/Plano, TX) — Army
Shipman, Nick — Attack (TX/Fort Bend County, TX) — Colorado School of Mines

Portillo, Juan Michael — Attack (Austin, TX/Anderson, TX)

Loomis, Sam — Goalie (Austin, TX/McCallum, TX) — Brown

Herder, Charles — Defense (Houston, TX/Kinkaid, TX) — MIT

Michael Wilson Austin, Univ. of Texas

Jon Stolmeier St. Mary's Hall, MIT

Nick Lukens St.John's, Houston

Brad Wright Lamar

Stephen Szalkowski St. John's, Houston

Andy Parker , Lamar

US Lacrosse All Americans


Kimo Kouletsis - Woodlands    Attack 2025

Asher Pressnall - Woodlands   FOGO 2025

Ridge Crouch -     Woodlands   Attack 2024

Colten Silverstein - Kinkaid      Goalie 2024

Reese Stepanian- St. Johns    Defense 2024

Caden Frank-    Westlake        Defense 2025

Zack Wilsey-      Lake Travis    Defense 2025

Matthew Silva-   Westlake       Goalie 2024

KJ Lewis-   Vandegrift          Defense 2024

Harrison Deane- Austin        Attack 2024


Jarrett Bessette, Westlake High School   Midfield 2023

Caden Frank, Westlake High School    LSM  2025

Aiden Kane, Dripping Springs High School   Attack   2023

Liam Lord,  Austin High School   Goalie   2023

Blake Morton, Lake Travis  Midfield  2023

Frank Mousa, Highland Park, Midfield 2023

Jack Manero, Southlake, Midfield, 2023,

Luke Sganga, Southlake, Midfield, 2023

Sean Browne, Episcopal, Attack, 2023

Brody Rhee, Memorial, Defense, 2023

Colton Silverstein, Kinkaid, Goalie, 2024

Cooper Starcke, The Woodlands, Midfield, 2023

Sloan-Walker Steward, The Woodlands, Midfield, 2023

Kimo Kouletsis, The Woodlandsm Attack, 2025


Carter Barksdale, Westlake
Ethan Burke,Westlake
Jackson Cody, Pearland
Connor Franklin, The Woodlands
Jackson Hanson, Austin
Jackson Hearn, EHS
McCallister Hobbs, Dallas Jesuit
Connor Knight, Dallas Jesuit
Miller Marks, Austin
Ian Mize, St. Mark's
Watt Muir, Kinkaid
Will Reading, Dallas Jesuit
Colton Silverstein, Kinkaid
Misha Trupo, Westlake
Sam Wheeler, Highland Park


Christian Fournier, LSM, Westlake
Ethan Burke, Attack, Westlake
Ethan McKinley, Midfield, Vandegrift
Griffin Shaffer, Midfield, Vandegrift
Ollie Lovell, Midfield, Westlake
Anthony Ghobriel, Highland Park, Midfield
Conor Spagnolli, Southlake, LSM
Ian Mize, St. Mark's, Midfield
Sam Teachout, Dallas Jesuit, Midfield
Thomas Mencke, Highland Park, Attack
Cameron Thornton, Episcopal Houston, Defense
Common Franklin, Woodlands , LSM
Donovan Rock, Woodlands, Midfield
Ethan Triem, Woodlands, Defense
Matthew Nunes, Woodlands, Goalie
Noah Ramirez, Woodlands, Attack

No Season

Ben Langston, Midfield, Woodlands
Bryce Walker, Attack, Westlake
CalebCampbell, Goalie, LakeTravis
Diego Zimmerman, LSM, Woodlands
Dylan Binney,  Attack, Woodlands
Jacob Jackson, Midfield, Jesuit,Dallas
Jonathan Taylor, Midfield, St. Marks
Miles Sigel, Defense, Westlake
Mitchell Gruenewald, Defense, Southlake
Peter Cannon, Attack, St.Johns
Robert Almand, Attack, Vandegrift
Ryan Farquhar, Midfield, Woodlands
Scott Bower, Defense, Episcopal School of Dallas
Thomas Mencke, Attack, Highland Park
Walt Alexander, Defense, Austin

Cade Saustad, 2018, Defense, Highland Park
David Sprock, 2018, Midfield, Dallas Jesuit
Patrick Skalniak, 2018, Midfield, ESD
Scott Bower, 2019, Defense, ESD
Payton Jefferson, 2018, LSM, Allen
Brandon Meaux, 2018, Attack, ESD
Tate Young, 2018, Midfield, Westlake
Jacob Stoebner, 2018, Defense, Westlake
Ty Badciong, 2018, Midfield, Lake Travis
Coston Pendleton, 2018, Attack, Vandegrift
Jackson Rose, 2018, Attack, Lake Travis
Gabe Reno, 2018, Midfield, Dripping Springs
Jack Barron, 2018, Midfield, Woodlands
Charles Sampson, 2018, Midfield, St Johns
Sean Mowatt-Larsen, 2018, Attack, Strake Jesuit
Seamus McFarland, 2018, Midfield, Strake Jesuit
Jackson Shearer, 2018, Defense, Woodlands
Ramsey McCreary, 2018, Midfield, Woodlands

Brent Bishop, 2017, Defense, South, Memorial
Cade Saustad, 2018, Defense, North, Highland Park
Chris Walker, 2017, LSM, North, Highland Park
David Sprock, 2017, Midfield, North, Dallas Jesuit
George Elmquist, 2017, LSM, North-At Large, Southlake
Grant Murphy, 2017, LSM, South-At Large, Woodlands
Jackson Shearer, 2018, Defense, South, Woodlands
Jacob Stoebner, 2018, Defense, Central, Westlake
Jacob Tatum, 2017, Attack, South, Kingwood
Joey Ceshkar, 2017, Midfield, Central, Lake Travis
Luke Millican, 2017, Goalie, North- At Large, Dallas Jesuit
Nakeie Montgomery, 2017, Midfield, North, Episcopal School of Dallas
Oliver Dina, 2017, LSM, Central, Westlake
Ramsey McCreary, 2018, Midfield, South- At Large, Woodlands
Reese Sullivan, 2018, Attack, South, Kinkaid
Tate Young, 2018, Midfield, Central, Westlake

Blake Tyndall, Midfield, Vandergrift
Brett Lehle, Attack, Houston Christian
Cade Saustad, Defense, Highland Park
Colby Kneese, Goalie, Highland Park
Dalton Sulver, Attack, Kingwood
Grant Murphy, Midfield, Woodlands
J M Priddy, LSM, Dallas Jesuit
Jack Welding, Defense, Southlake
Joey Ceshker, Midfield, Lake Travis
Kaegan Kumnick, Defense, Allen
Nakiei Montgomery, Midfield, ESD
Oliver Dina, Midfield, Westlake
Owen Seebold, Attack, Highland Park
Ryan Darby, Goalie,    Plano West
Will Hardin, Attack, Westlake

Oliver Dina, LSM, Westlake
Andrew Eichelberger, Midfield, Strake Jesuit
Colin Grant, Attack, Austin
Kevin Ken, Midfield, Highland Park
Colby Kneese, Goalie, Highland Park
Jeremy Lim, Goalie, Coppell
Nakeie Montgomery, Midfield, Episcopal School of Dallas 
Cole Ogden, Defense, Highland Park
Gus Pinsoneault, Attack, Woodlands
John Michael Priddy, LSM, Dallas Jesuit
Adam Riestis, Midfield, Allen
Sam Romano, Midfield, Episcopal School of Dallas
Dalton Sulver, Midfield, Kingwood 
Blake Tyndall, Midfield, Vandegrift
Nash Verges, Attack, Allen
Jack Welding, Defense, Southlake

Lee Belland, Midfield, Dallas Jesuit 
Carl Bernicker, Midfield, St. John’s 
Connor Howden, Goalie, Austin High 
Foster Huggins, Defense,  ESD 
Nick Hruby, Attack, Coppell 
Richie Loftus, Attack,  ESD 
Sean McCanna, Midfield, Woodlands 
Tyler Murphy, Attack, Woodlands 
John Michael Priddy, Defense, Dallas Jesuit 
Robert Reinbolt, LSM, Kinkaid 
Hugo Reisenbichler, Midfield, Highland Park
Sam Romano, Midfield, ESD 
Wesley Sanders, Midfield , Bowie 
Blake Tyndall,  Midfield, Vandegrift 
Bryce Wasserman , Attack , Southlake 
Ben Zook , Defense, Westlake 

Bear Goldstein Defense St. Mark's
Dan Morris, Goalie, Dallas Jesuit
Barrett Anigian, Midfield, Episcopal Dallas
Robert Mencke, Midfield, Highland Park
Lee Belland, Midfield, Dallas Jesuit
Sean McCanna, Midfield, Woodlands
Matthew Meaders, Goalie, Highland Park
Michael Edwards, LSM, Westlake

Michael Edwards, Defense/LSM, Westlake
Sam Finney, Defense, Strake Jesuit
Michael McCarney, Defense, Dallas Jesuit
Bear Goldstein, Defense,St. Marks
Hunter Gore, Midfield, Plano
Bucky Desadier, Attack, Houston Christian
Will Perkins, Attack, St. Marks
Max Skibber, Attack, Episcopal Houston

Buck McClure, Attack, Dallas Jesuit
Campbell Sode, Attack, Highland Park
Nate Hruby, Midfield, Coppell
Tyler Landis, Midfield, Coppell
Will Merritt, Midfield, Austin 
Chase Rogers, Midfield, Woodlands
Hunter Hendrick, Defense, Kingwood
Brandon Mullins, Defense, Coppell

Chris Hipps, Defense, Highland Park
Campbell Powers, Midfield, Highland Park 
Josh Francis, Midfield, Highland Park
Chase Prospere, Midfield, Highland Park
Buck McClure, Attack, Dallas Jesuit 
Jeff Perkins, Attack, St. Marks
Phillip Wagley, Attack, Episcopal Dallas
Jordan Lee, Goalie, Highland Park 

Ross Gillum, Attack, Plano HS
Chris Hipps, Defense, Highland Park
Basil Kostaras, Midfield, ESD
Austin Mai, Midfield, Highland Park
Jeff Perkins, Attack, St. Marks
Cody Solaja, Defense, ESD

James Blair, St. Mark's
Ross Gillum, Plano
Alex Hardt, Episcopal Dallas
R.J. Lucas, Austin
Johnny McKnight, Highland Park
Cody Solaja, Episcopal Dallas
D.J. Sprenger, Episcopal Dallas
Paul Taylor, St. Mary's Hall

Spencer Branch, St. Mark's
Neat Clark, Episcopal Houston
Alex Hardt, Episcopal Dallas
Byron Lanford, Kinkaid
George Lauinger, St. Mark's
Rhett Miller, Episcopal Dallas
William Lawson, Highland Park
Sam Stevenson, Southlake Carroll

Charley Dickenson, Highland Park
John Dickenson, Highland Park
Cole Erickson, Episcopal Dallas
Andy Gagel, St. John's
Deets Hoffman, St. John's
George Jordan, St Mark's
Tom Palesky, Plano
Chris Root, St. John's

Mathew Fritts, Highland Park
Andy Gagel, St Johns
Phillip Johnson, Jesuit
Drew Lassiter, St. Mark's
William Manning, Episcopal Dallas
Chris Root, St. John's
Tommy Shuey, Highland Park
Neth Weidman, Episcopal Dallas

Max Atherton, Saint Mary's Hall
Michael Carrington, Episcopal Houston
Gregory Clement, Episcopal Dallas
Matthew Fritts, Highland Park
Stephen Gibbs, Episcopal Houston
Drew Webb, Episcopal Houston
Jim Weiss, Lamar
Rob Wellington, Highland Park

Juan Carlos Almerido, St. Mark's
Chase Erickson, Episcopal Dallas
Joe Hamill, Austin
Jake Henderson, Westwood
Drew Webb, Episcopal Houston
Jim Weiss, Lamar

Matt Moncrief, Episcopal Houston
Carlos Navarro, Episcopal Dallas

Reeves Craig, St. Mary's Hall
Campbell Eifler, St. John's

Travis Bryan, Lamar
Tom Nolan IV, Jesuit Dallas

Greg Bice, St. Mary's Hall
Troy Fine, Kingwood

Robert Eifler, St. John's
Garret Cox, St. Mary's Hall

Jeff Fellows, Dallas Jesuit

Brian Brantley, Episcopal Houston

Derrick Daugherty, Westwood

Daniel Hoverman, Austin

Representatives to the US National North VS South All Star Game

- Cody Solaja Defemse, ESD
- Ross Gillum, Attack, Plano HS

- Alex Hardt, Midfield, ESD

- Sam Stevenson, Defense, Southlake - Carroll; Rhett Miller, Attack, ESD

- Tom Paleski, Plano High, Dallas
- Andy Gagel, St.John’s School, Houston

- Matt Fritts Highland Park, Dallas
- Drew Lassiter, St. Mark’s Dallas

- Michael Carrington, Episcopal Houston
- Rob Wellington, Highland Park, Dallas

Juan Carlos Almerido, St. Marks


Ben Compton, Highland Park, Dallas

Tyler Turlington, St. Mary’s Hall, SA

Greg Brice, St. Mary’s Hall San Antonio

Robert Elder, St. John’s, Houston

Macleb Marshall, Kinkaid, Houston

Brian Brantley, Kinkaid, Houston;
Sam Chambers, Coach, St. John’s

Andy Parker, Lamar, Houston

Daniel Hoverman, Austin HS, Austin

Dividion I State Champions

2020 - No Championships

2019 in McKinney
ESD 5 vs Dallas Jesuit 4
Westlake 10 vs Highland Park 12
Highland Park 6 vs ESD 9 

2018 in Round Rock
St. Mark's 11 vs ESD 7
Woodlands 10 vs Highland Park 6
St. Mark's 6 vs Woodlands 10

2017 in Houston
Highland Park 4 vs Dallas Jesuit 8
ESD 11 vs Woodlands 8
ESD 8 vs Dallas Jesuit 9

2016 in Allen

ESD 7 vs Dallas Jesuit 8
Highland Park 11 vs Westlake 10
Highland Park 4 vs Dallas Jesuit 9

2015 in Round Rock
Highland Park 15 vs Allen 6
Woodlands 9 vs ESD 8
Woodlands 4 vs Highland Park 10

2014 in Friendswood
Highland Park 5 vs ESD 8
Dallas Jesuit 13 vs Woodlands 6
Dallas Jesuit 4 vs ESD 9

2013 in Dallas
ESD 6 vs Dallas Jesuit 5
St. Mark's 8 vs Highland Park 4
ESD 7 vs St. Mark's 8 

2012 in Austin
Dallas Jesuit 4 vs Highland Park 5
Houston Christian 3 vs St. Mark's 10 
St. Mark's 4 vs Highland Park 5

2011 in Houston
ESD 4 vs Dallas Jesuit 7
Coppell 11 vs St. Marks 10
Dallas Jesuit 8 vs Coppell 10

2010 in Dallas
Highland Park 19 vs Dallas Jesuit 4
St. Marks 19 vs Episcopal Houston 15
St. Marks 4 vs Highland Park 6 

2009 in Austin
Highland Park 14 vs Bowie 0
St. Marks 15 vs Strake Jesuit 13
Highland Park 7 vs St. Marks 5 

2008 in Houston
Highland Park 12 vs Austin 3
Episcopal Dallas 8 vs Woodlands 7
Highland Park 9 vs Espiscopal Dallas 3 

2007 in Dallas
Espicopal Dallas 13 vs Austin 5
St. Marks 12 vs Kinkaid 4 
Episcopal Dallas 7 vs. St. Mark's - 5

2006 in San Antonio
St. John's 8 vs Plano 2
Episcopal Dallas 13 vs Austin 3 
St. John's 11 vs. Episcopal Dallas 9

2005 in Houston
Highland Park 14 vs. McNeil 3
Episcopal Dallas 14 vs. St. John’s - 5
Highland Park 7 vs. Episcopal Dallas - 6

2004 in Dallas
Episcopal Houston 7 vs. Highland Park 13
St John’s 8 vs. St. Mary’s Hall 12
Highland Park 14 vs. St. Mary’s Hall 4

2003 in Cedar Park
St. Mary’s Hall 8 vs. Episcopal Houston 10
St John’s 10 vs. Episcopal Dallas 11
Episcopal, Dallas 13 vs. Episcopal Houston 6

2002 in Houston
Episcopal Dallas 10 vs. St. Mary’s Hall 5
Dallas Jesuit 8 vs. Episcopal Houston 7
Episcopal Dallas 10 vs. Dallas Jesuit 5

2001 in Dallas
Lamar 6 vs. St. Mary’s Hall 5 OT
St. John’s 15 vs. Highland Park 10
St. John’s 8 vs. Lamar 7

2000 in Austin
St. Mary’s Hall 11 vs. Highland Park 5
St. John’s 14 vs. Dallas Jesuit 8
St. Mary’s Hall 9 vs. St. John’s 8

1999 in Houston
St. Mary’s Hall 10 vs. St. John’s 8
Dallas Jesuit 9 vs. Kingwood 0
St. Mary’s Hall 11 vs. Dallas Jesuit 5

1998 in Dallas
St. Mary’s Hall 8 vs. Lamar 5
St. John’s 10 vs. Dallas Jesuit 5
St. Mary’s Hall 15 vs. St. John’s 11

1997 in Austin
Kinkaid 12 vs. Dallas Jesuit 5
St. Mary’s Hall 9 vs. St. John’s 7
Kinkaid 8 vs. St. Mary’s Hall 3

1996 in Houston
St. John’s 5 vs. Dallas Jesuit 3
Kinkaid 8 vs. Westwood 7
Kinkaid 8 vs. St. John’s 4

1995 in Dallas
Lamar 7 vs. Bellaire 0
St. Mary’s Hall 8 vs. Westwood 7
Lamar 6 vs. St. Mary’s Hall 1

1994 in Austin
Austin 12 vs. Westwood 5
Bellaire 5 vs. Episcopal Houston 2
Austin 13 vs. Bellaire 9

1993 in Houston
Austin 18 vs. Dallas Jesuit 7
Episcopal Houston 7 vs. Lamar 5
Austin 9 vs. Episcopal Houston 8

1992 in Dallas
Episcopal Houston 13 vs. St. John’s
Plano 9 vs. Westwood 8
Episcopal Houston 9 vs. Plano 7

1991 in Austin
Episcopal Houston 7 vs. St. John’s 4 Westwood 9 vs. Plano 8
Episcopal Houston 8 vs. Westwood 5

1990 in Houston
St. John’s 7 vs. Kincaid 6
Episcopal Houston 5 vs. Westwood 3
St. John’s 7 vs. Episcopal Houston 4

1989 in Houston
Lamar 8 vs. Memorial 6
St. John’s 11 vs. Westlake 7
Lamar 10 vs. St. John’s 4

Dividion II State Champions

2020 - No Championships

2019 in McKinney
Smithson Valley 11 vs Klein 9
Keller 6 vs Prosper 10
Smithson Valley 5 vs Prosper 11

2018 in Round Rock
Westlake 9 vs Prosper 13
Highland Park 11 vs Klein 8
Prosper 7 vs Highland Park 10

2017 in Houston
Greenhill 13 vs Plano 5
Colleyville 5 vs Rockwall 15
Greenhill 7 vs Rockwall 16

2016 in Allen

McKinney 5 vs Colleyville 7
Plano 5 vs Colleyville 9
McKinney 6 vs Rockwall 5

2015 in Round Rock
McKinney 12 vs Highland Park DII 13
Flower Mound 4 vs Colleyville 7 
Colleyville 10 vs Highland Park DII​ 15

2014 in Friendswood
McKinney 8 vs Keller 14
Greenhill 7 vs Flower Mound 15
Flower Mound 10 vs Keller 13

2013 in Dallas
Clear Lake 9 vs Vandegrift 8
TMI 4 vs Flower Mound 15
Clear Lake 3 vs Flower Mound 13

2012 in Austin
Reagan 8 vs Klein 17 
St. Michael's 6 vs Highland Park DII 12 
Klein 7 vs Highland Park DII 8

2011 in Houston 
Stony Point 5 vs Clear Lake 15
TMI 8 vs Hillcrest 14
Clear Lake 11 vs Hillcrest 14

2010 in Dallas
Coppell 17 vs Reagan 3
Houston Christian 11 vs Stony Point 4
Coppell 12 vs Houston Christian 2 

2009 in Austin
Coppell 20 vs Memorial 7
Central Cathloic 8 vs Stony Point 9
Coppell 22 vs Stony Point 4 

2008 in Houston
Highland Park II 10 vs Cedar Park 8
Cy-Fair 15 vs Coppell 13
Highland Park II 17 vs Cy-Fair 11

2007 in Dallas
Cy-Fair 18 vs. St. Stephens 13
Highland Park II 13 vs. Stratford 5
Cy-Fair 18 vs. Highland Park II 13

2006 in San Antonio
Cy-Fair 20 vs. Allen 12
Klein 12 vs. Bowie 10
Klein 11 vs. Cy-Fair 9

2005 in Houston
Plano East 13 vs. Stratford 6
Plano West 17 vs. St. Anthony's 6
Plano West 13 vs. Plano East 12

2004 in Dallas
St. Anthony's 7 vs Plano East 4
Westside 9 vs. Plano West 8
Westside 8 vs. St. Anthony's 7 [OT]

2003 in Cedar Park
Cy-Fair 6 vs C.E. Byrd [LA] 4
Strake Jesuit 14 vs. McCallum 2
Strake Jesuit 14 vs. Cy-Fair 8

2002 in Houston
C.E. Byrd [LA] 9 vs. McCallum 7
Strake Jesuit 17 vs. Bowie 8
Strake Jesuit 12 vs. C.E. Byrd [LA] 5

2001 in Dallas
C.E. Byrd [LA] 6 vs. Clear Lake 5
Bellaire 10 vs. Plano East 2
Bellaire 13 vs. C.E. Byrd [LA] 3 

Bob Scott Award:

This US Lacrosse award recognizes a high school senior who goes above and beyond in service to their team, school, and community. These athletes, who truly honor the game of lacrosse, are invested in the development of the game in their town and are exemplary teammates. In addition, they must be an outstanding student with high academic achievement and serve as a role model within their school community.

2021  Brooks Jeffers, Westlake

Commissioner's Award

2023 Robert Riser

Coach Earl Bill Award for Lifetime Achievement

2018 - Hayward Lee, St. Mark's
2017 - Derek Thomson, Highland Park
2016 - Coach Sam Chambers, St. John's
2013 - Coach David Vollmer, Lamar
2010 - Earl Bill

This special THSLL Commissioner's award will be given periodically to coaches or administrators who have had a significant impact on the THSLL.

Drew Webb Award for Academic/Athletic Achievement

2010 - Drew Webb

This special THSLL Commissioner's award will be given periodically to THSLL alumni who have achieved academic excellence in high school and college.