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League Rules

THSLL games are played in accordance with all NCAA lacrosse rules, with waivers approved at the annual meeting of member teams. The THSLL also publishes a rulebook specific to the league for rules, policy, and procedure.

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Rulebooks / Waivers

Game Fees

No one document exists that explicitly calls out what THSLL Member School Programs get in return for the fees they pay to the THSLL and SWLOA.  However, THSLL Member School Programs get the League, a 501c3 not for profit organization that has made possible boys high school lacrosse in the State of Texas for 24 years.  That includes the organization, management, and oversight of the THSLL Season including scheduling of games, tournaments, and championships, and associated SWLOA official assignments, the oversight and management of the League and its Membership, including eligibility and code of conduct enforcement, and management of all the Federal and State Reporting requirements for a 501c3. 

The THSLL Rulebook and TSLA, Inc. bylaws (available on under the League Rules link under Site Navigation) define the totality of the Board and the League what is done on behalf of the Membership.  A THSLL Member School Program representative is part of the budget approval which includes the fees and reflects where the Board plans to distribute the fees.  
Through, and assigned usernames and passwords, we allow our THSLL Member School Program representatives to enter and submit their team information and game information, and to make modifications up to the cutoff date voted on by the Membership.  For management, quality control, and audit purposes we do not allow THSLL Member School Programs to modify their game information and/or schedules online after the cutoff date, instead requiring them to contact the State Administrator, via email and telephone for changes and additions. 

The THSLL is in the third year of a three-year contract, and is in partnership, with the SWLOA for League officiating and the scheduling software and scheduling process. 

LOA Fees and Cancellation Policy

Travel Fees (Per Official)

Travel Fees (payable to official) 2024 2025
0-14 Miles $0 $0
15-34 one-way miles (paid once for the entire trip) $10 $15
35-69 one-way miles (paid once for the entire trip) $15 $15
70 or more one-way miles (all round-trip mileage reimbursed) IRS Mileage Rate

Regular and Post Season Game Fees (Per Official)

Game Fees (payable to official) 2024 2025
Varsity Game, 12-minute quarters, stop-time $100 $105
Junior Varsity Game, 10-minute quarters, stop-time $85 $90
Late Payment Fee (per official, beyond thirty-one calendar days) $20 $20

LOA provides notice of non-payment to the state administrator and district coordinator. The issue will be reviewed in 14 days. 

Game Schedule Change Fees

Fees for any schedule changes (payable to the LOA assignor) 2024 2025
>= 4 days’ notice (96 hours)  $0 $0
< 96 to 4 Hours' notice $15 $15
< 4 Hours' notice $30 $30

Non-Weather Related Game Fees for Schedule Changes

Game Fees for Schedule Changes (Payable to Officials)   2024 2025
>= 4 days’ notice (96 hours) No Game Fees Incurred
<96 hours to 4 hours notice 50% of All Game Fees
< 4 hours’ notice up until the start of the game 100% of All Game Fees
Travel Fees, regardless of timing as long as the game has not started  No Game Fees Incurred

Note: If the official did not verify the game details with the home team coach prior to the game, and the game was canceled, no payment will be made.

Weather Related Game Fees for Schedule Changes

Game Fees for Schedule Changes, Payable to Officials   2024 2025
Prior to Game Day No Game Fees Incurred
Game Day Changes at least 4 hours prior to the game start time No Game Fees Incurred
< 4 hours' notice up to game start time 100% of Highest Game Fee
Travel Fees, regardless of timing as long as the game has not started  No Game Fees Incurred

Note: Travel fees are never incurred for any game cancellations/suspensions, even if due to weather, and regardless of if the officials have commenced their travel or arrived at the playing facility. Officials cannot invoice for travel fees unless their game starts.



The three referee organizations overseeing Lacrosse officials in Texas are:

Houston Texas Lacrosse Officials Association

Austin Central Texas Lacrosse Officials Association -

Dallas / Fort Worth North Texas Lacrosse Officials Association

The above referee organizations span several age/playing groups – boys' youth (K-8), men’s high school (Varsity & JV), and men’s post-collegiate club. If you would like to inquire about becoming an official please visit the respective association's website for more information. 

Board of Director's Meeting Minutes

The THSLL Board of Directors meet regularly and minutes are kept for each meeting. If you would like to view current and past meeting minutes, please go to the Document Library link on the left menu. Meeting minutes are separated out by year.