THSLL Calendar

The season calendar is voted on by the member programs at the annual meeting. Events in the past are marked by a lighter color.

District Meetings 9/8-17/2021
State Meeting - Remote meeting 09/18/2021
District deadline to submit District playoff format with dates 10/30/2021
THSLL invoices issued to Member Teams 11/01/2021
LOA invoices issued to Member Teams 11/01/2021
THSLL and LOA dues to THSLL Treasurer 12/01/2021
Super Regionals and State Hosts Selected December 2021
Game schedules submitted 12/22/2021
Team Information due: Valid/Up to Date Rosters, Emergency Plan, Proof of Insurance 01/11/2022
Last day to submit eligibility waivers if required for players or team. 01/11/2022
Beginning of THSLL season. League Games may not be played before this date. 01/14/2022
End of THSLL season. Games must be completed by end of day. 04/23/2022
Coaches’ selection committee meeting for Class AA playoffs 04/24/2022
Districts to submit District Seedings with dates 04/24/2022
All-State, All-District, Honorable Mention posted Wednesday 10 p.m. 04/27/2022
All-State/All District Selection, District Wrap-up, Team Photo and Rosters due 04/27/2022
Super Regionals in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio 4/30-5/1
AA/AAA nominations, supporting document deadline submission to District Area Chair Contact Area Chair for deadline
State Championships in Austin 5/7-5/8
THSLL Executive Board Meeting July 2022
2023 Season Rule Change Proposal Discussion Due 08/01/2022