THSLL Districts
Central North San Antonio South West

Class B South Super-Regional FAQ

Where are the games being played?

George Turner Stadium
1700 Wilson Rd
Humble, TX 77396

Are there facility restrictions?

  • Pets are prohibited. Working dogs (handicapped aide) are permitted.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products is prohibited on all property.
  • Food or colored beverages are NOT allowed on the turf.
  • No outside food or drink
  • No coolers or backpacks will be allowed.
  • Purses are subject to inspection for security purposes.
  • No umbrellas are allowed in the stands
  • The law prohibits firearms or weapons of any kind.
  • No spectators are allowed on the field at any time. Please keep the aisles clear.
  • No standing or sitting at rail of stands
  • Crossover to the other side of the stadium will only be allowed for authorized personnel.

Are there hotels available?
Yes - The following hotels are in the area:

  • Hampton Inn and Suites – 19108 Moon Trail Dr, Humble TX 77346
  • La Quinta – 6909 Atascocita Rd, Humble TX 77346
  • Comfort Inn and Suites – 7014 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble TX 77338

Will there be practice fields available?

Yes- there will be practice fields available. Teams will have access to a warm-up field with goals adjacent to the field house. This is a secure area for your teams.

Will there be a team check-in procedure?

Yes. Upon arrival, teams will check in and a host will guide teams through the Players’ Entrance and to the field.

  • 9 Field Passes (4 Coaches allowed in the box, 1 Team Trainer, 1 Equipment Manager, 2 Table), 1 Team Photographer/Videographer Field Pass (This person needs to be identified prior to the event and should not be vocal during the game. This person will also have a designated area on the field- NOT ON TEAM SIDELINE).
  • Limits on sideline access are to be adhered to and entry will be through the designated team entry gate.
  • The high seed is Home team and wears white jerseys. Home teams will occupy the bench to the right of the table.
  • Water and squeeze bottles will be provided on your sidelines. Each team is responsible for having a person available to handle bottle refills during the game. THSLL will keep the cooler full.

What is the locker room procedure?

There will be a designated locker room in the Field House for meeting, dressing, etc. before, during, and postgame. Hosts will show teams where to go.

Are home and visitor site administrators required?

Site Administrators are not needed or allowed on the field since host will handle security. We do ask that the fans and teams behave accordingly.

Who runs the table?
• The official scorebook and penalty time will be kept at the sidelines by tournament-provided personnel. Each team may have a single team book-keeper and a single spotter allowed at the table.

Will there be bus parking?

Yes, there will designated Bus parking. Turn north on Rustic Timbers Drive off of Will Clayton which will take them to the visitor/bus parking lot northeast of the stadium

How much will it cost to get in?

  • Single Day- $15
  • Day- $25

Will T-shirts be available for purchase at the Stadium?

Yes, a unisex lacrosse shirt will be available for purchase.

Will there be a program available?


Are credit cards accepted?

No. Cash, Venmo, Zelle will be accepted.

Will I be allowed to take pictures or film during the games?

Each team will be given ONE sideline pass to be used by your Team Photographer or Videographer. This pass will be distributed to the team at check-in. The designated team photographer will be allowed on the fan side sideline five yards from the sideline and not beyond goal-line extended. All other photographers may take pictures from the stands, but please be aware that standing at the front railing affects the view of those that are seated behind you. The field of play will not be accessible after the final games for personal photos. The teams will be encouraged to move off the fields where they will be accessible for family photos.

Who should I contact for a Media Pass?

Media passes are restricted to actual media representatives and are not intended for use by commercial photographers. Agreement not to resell photographs taken under the use of a Media Pass will be required.

Will there be photos for sale?


What happens if there is inclement weather?

Stadium has an all-weather surface, and games will not be called on account of the weather. Umbrellas are not appropriate in the stands due to the inconvenience of those seated behind you. The tournament will observe the NCAA lightning Policy which requires suspension of activities when less than 30 second flash-to-bang occurs. Activities will be suspended for 30 minutes beyond the last 30-second flash-to-bang. Games may be delayed and played at night if lightning is encountered.

Any changes to the posted schedule will be posted to THSLL as soon as possible.

Will there be Concessions and food vendors at the tournament?

Yes, concessions will be available.

Will there be other activities?


What do I do about personal emergencies?

A Memorial Hermann trainer is available for all teams. Teams may bring their own trainer if they would like.