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Posted on April 28, 2011

South Division II Awards


South DII All State



Midfield Face Off:    Jake Terrell, Bellaire, Senior


Goalie:        Brent Phelps, Taylor, Senior


Long Stick Middie:    Chad Mitchell, Fort Bend, Junior


Defense:         Evan Freed, Cy Fair, Senior; Chase Efird, Clear Lake, Senior; Clint Patterson, Spartan, Senior


Midfield:           Ben Janes, Spartan, Senior; Troy Smith, Clear Lake, Senior; Mason Moore, Taylor, Senior; Collin Phillips, Klein, Junior


Attack:         Matthew Mann, Cy Fair, Senior; Brendan Harvey, Clear Lake, Sophomore , Keegan Fry, Katy, Sophomore


 South DII All District


 Midfield Face Off:     Connor Miller, Cy Fair, Junior


Goalie:        Kevin Bush, Cy Fair, Senior


Long Stick Middie:       Alex Brennan, Cy Fair, Senior


Defense:            Colby Morgan, Taylor, Senior; Dalton Christie, Bellaire, Senior; Kevin Estell, Klein, Junior


Midfield:              Jake Terrell, Bellaire, Senior; Brian Barnes, Clear Lake, Senior; Connor Miller, Cy Fair, Junior; Vincent Bresina, Fort Bend, Senior


Attack:            Greg Sattler, Spartan, Senior; Stephen Sattler, Spartan, Sophomore; Dillon Reeves, Klein, Junior



South DII Honorable Mention


 Midfield Face Off:       Brian Hall, Clear Lake, Junior


Goalie:                 Michael Guarino, Bellaire, Junior


Long Stick Middie:             Ben Jennette, Spartan, Senior


Defense:           Chance Lane, Katy, Senior; Lucas Wicklund, Pearland, Senior; Tanner House, Friendswood, Junior


Midfield:               Andrew Philip, Friendswood, Junior; Aemmanuel Taylor, Cy Fair, Senior; Grant Bolding, Taylor, Senior; Zach Machen, Klein, Junior


Attack:             Cody Garcia, Clear Lake, Junior; Ross Ozuna, Bellaire, Senior; Troy Richardson, Friendswood, Sophomore




South DII Head Coach of the year: Ray Botto – Clear Lake 


South DII Assistant Coach of the year: Bob Curbeam – Clear Lake  

South DII Person of the year: Beth Estell – Klein


South DII Nominated


Midfield Face Off:       Dakota Bielat, Clear Lake, Senior


Goalie:        Michael Rogers, Katy, Senior; Chase Stanford, Friendswood, Senior; Clayton Stewart, Spartan, Senior


Long Stick Middie:      Dakota Bielat, Clear Lake, Senior; Andrew McMullin, Bellaire, Senior; Trey Johnson, Friendswood, Senior


Defense:    Bradley Keller, Katy, Sophomore; Jake LaFleur, Taylor, Junior; Don Szumski, Spartan, Junior; Jake Griffin, Bellaire, Senior; Trey Watts, Pearland, Sophomore


Midfield:      Garrett Morrow, Pearland, Sophomore; Gerrod Bergan, Spartan, Senior; Adam Jones, Clear Lake, Sophomore; William Burdick, Bellaire, Senior


Attack:       Tristan Collins, Taylor, Junior; Michael Williamson, Clear Lake, Junior; Ben Barnes, Bellaire, Junior

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