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Posted on April 29, 2011

Attack  Ian Seale              Woodlands  2012 All State
Attack  Max Skibber           EHS   2012 All State
Attack  Ryan Delange         Kingwood  2011 All State
Attack  Bucky Desadier        Houston Christian   2012 All District
Attack  Spencer Willey         Woodlands  2012 All District
Attack  Brooks Lehle            Houston Christian   2013 All District
Attack  Michael Janiszewski  Kingwood  2011 Honorable Mention
Attack  Jeckovich, Wilson     Kinkaid  2012 Honorable Mention
Attack  Peyton Belchic         Lamar   2011 Honorable Mention
Defense  Hunter Hendrick      Kingwood  2011 All State
Defense  Henry Waite           Kinkaid   2012 All State
Defense  Nick Huckins           Woodlands  2011 All State
Defense  Steve Pitt              EHS   2013 All District
Defense  Matt Foster            Kingwood  2011 All District
Defense  Jack Craddock         St. John's  2012 All District
Defense  Mitch Webber          EHS   2013 Honorable Mention
Defense  Dylan Gorman          Woodlands  2012 Honorable Mention
Midfield Chase Rogers            Woodlands  2011 All State,                 South DI District MVP
Midfield Steven Hartshorn        Houston Christian   2011 All State
Midfield Connor Castleman       Kingwood  2011 All State
Midfield Alan Good                 Woodlands  2011 All State
Midfield William Wallace           St. John's  2011 All District
Midfield Max Hutson               EHS   2012 All District
Midfield Connor Milton            Woodlands  2012 All District
Midfield Josh Henderson          Kingwood  2011 All District
Midfield Connor Pryor              Houston Christian 2013 Honorable Mention
Midfield Ian Margot            Strake Jesuit  2011 Honorable Mention
Midfield Dale Wallace          Houston Christian 2011 Honorable Mention
Midfield Derrick Melinde       Kingwood  2011 Honorable Mention
Face Off Graham Bayley      Kinkaid   2011 All State
Face Off Max McKinnon      Woodlands  2011 All District
L/S Middie Iles Mitchell       Houston Christian 2011 All State
L/S Middie Nick Sivon         Woodlands  2011 All District
Goalie  Patrick McClernon     Kingwood 2011 All State
Goalie  Shane Casey          Woodlands  2011 All District
Goalie  Joe Loden               Lamar   2011 Honorable Mention

Coach of The Year, Dave Seale, Woodlands

Asst. Coach of the Year, Craig Reeves

Person of the Year, The Soeder Family, Woodlands

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