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Posted on April 22, 2012
America's first mainstream lacrosse movie is finally here! CROOKED ARROWS is opening in select cities on May 18 and nationwide on June 1!

We’re proud to see the sport we love portrayed in such a fun, authentic and respectful way on the big screen. We think CROOKED ARROWS will have a positive and lasting impact on the growth of lacrosse in the United States. We support this movie – and we're asking that you please support it, too.

Together, let's make sure that our lacrosse community rallies enthusiastically behind what's poised to become a landmark event in the growth of lacrosse!

Here's what you can do to help:

(1) Plan a Group or Team "Event" for Opening Weekend, May 18th! ß click here for group sales

May is a competitive month for movies (it's when major studios release their summer blockbusters with $100 million marketing budgets). However, the filmmakers feel it's important to release CROOKED ARROWS during lacrosse season, so that whole teams can share the positive experience together as an "event." Let's send a message to theater owners that lacrosse has a loyal and passionate fan base who wants to see this movie!

(2) Please Send This Message to Everyone in Your Network! ß click here for ways to share the movie

Believe it or not, many people in the lacrosse community still haven't even heard of CROOKED ARROWS. We must make sure that everyone knows about this movie: coaches, teams, players (past and present), families and even lacrosse-friendly businesses.

Lacrosse has always been more than a great sport. It's a meaningful way for communities, families, and friends to come together. In keeping with that positive spirit, let's make CROOKED ARROWS a fun team-building experience, potential fundraising opportunity, and community-wide "event."

Please join us in supporting America's first lacrosse movie on opening weekend May 18 with your team, family, friends and peers. Find a CROOKED ARROWS theater near you.

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