THSLL Districts


Posted on March 03, 2018

The THSLL Board of Directors is excited to announce we have voted in the founding members of the THSLL Advisory Committee.  
Bill Cafferata & Tom Keaton from the Central District,
Hayward LeeRich Moses from the North District,
Blake SkinnerJosh Acut from the San Antonio District,
David Cohn & Matt Eaglin from the South District.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted their name for consideration for the THSLL Advisory Committee.  With their permission, we will place their names on the list to be considered for membership on the THSLL District Advisory Committees.  Any other present or past coach or board president that would like to volunteer can still do so and should send an email to Nancy Powers expressing an interest by 3/10/2018.
The THSLL Board of Directors and the THSLL Advisory Committee will have a kick-off conference call within the next three weeks.  During that call we will consider all the names on the volunteer list, and vote in four members for each THSLL District Advisory Committee.

Stay tuned for updates from the THSLL Board of Directors on the THSLL Advisory Committee and the four THSLL District Advisory Committees as we all take on the task of completing the assigned 2018 THSLL Season due diligence.

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