THSLL Districts


Posted on October 29, 2022

By submitting this roster, your program, as a member of the THSLL, agrees that the information provided is true and correct and complies with THSLL rules regarding player eligibility. Incorrect, false, misleading information or nonconformance to THSLL rules may lead to penalties such a player suspension, forfeiture of games, vacating season wins, program suspension, expulsion of the program from the THSLL or other penalties to decided by the THSLL Board of Directors.

Additionally, all THSLL programs should inform both the parents and team members of the risks in participating in lacrosse including catastrophic injury, paralysis, death or other damages and losses by providing the parents and team members a Waiver and Release form (Sample Form). By entering a player on the THSLL site you certify that your program has informed the player and guardians of the risks associated with Lacrosse.

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