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Posted on April 20, 2007
In 2005, The Texas High School Lacrosse League, Board of Directors established Sideline Policy in order to promote efficiency, fairness and sportsmanship on both sides of the field.  "The field and all limit lines should be marked in accordance with the NCAA rulebook. All spectators should be on the opposite side of the field from the team benches. The team box should contain a maximum of 4 coaches, 1 equipment manager, team trainers, and only players in uniform. The scorers table should contain a total of 4 people. This includes 3 from the home team and 1 from the visitors. The home team has the official scorekeeper, a game timer and a penalty timer at the score table. The visiting team has a scorekeeper at the score table. The site administrator has full access to the facility and should have constant communication with the scorers table. It is the responsibility of the home team and site administrator to manage this policy. It is at the discretion of the officials to assess any penalties resulting from this policy."  

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