THSLL Districts


Posted on April 15, 2007
Every season the THSLL Division 1 team are required to play a game with a team from each of the other 2 Districts. These games are taken into consideration towards the voting process for the state playoff final four wildcard team selection. The Inter-District is designated as an official game type for THSLL scheduling. There are 3 THSLL Districts; North, South and Central. The games are set such that each Division 1 team will travel to one of the games and host the other. The district travel is rotated each season. The travel for the 2007 season was North Travels to South, South travels to Central, Central travels to North. The game pairings are set each season by the THSLL Board of Directors at their annual meeting. Click here for the 2007 THSLL Inter-District game results.
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