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Posted on November 28, 2007
The Texas High School lacrosse League held it's Annual Meeting on October 20, 2007. Fifty-eight member schools were represented in-person or by proxies held by attending Member Schools. Highlights are as follows. Please review meeting minutes for complete information. Information was distributed to attendees regarding organizational and operational issues. Please see the menu bar at the left for links to THSLL League Information (including Meeting Minutes) for the 2007-08 season. The Commissioner addressed a 10-year vision for the league and continued concern for Safety and improvements in Sportsmanship. Please review Meeting BOTH Home and Visitor Site Administrators as well as Trainers will be required at ALL games. Posting Emergency Medical Plans and Rosters are required. Lightning Meters and EADs may become mandatory soon, Approved Voting Issues: * 2007 Budget (including a dues increase to fund part-time administrative position). * Creation of DIII Division (it replaces "New Team" status). * All coaches are required to be active members of US Lacrosse. * Nomination wording replaces application wording for New Member Team process. * Teams in transition between Divisions may now accept in-coming freshman in the year of transition. * Dual Division programs must maintain rosters with 21 unique players on each DI, DII and JV team. * Administrative revisions to NCAA Rule Waivers were approved. (see 2008 THSLL Rules Appendix A). * Division II teams must maintain 50% of it's players from a single school in order to qulify for a State Championship play-off berth. * The Board of Directors may waive the 50% rule above. * Dual Division programs may now move players from a DII team to a DI team. No player may move down.
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