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Posted on February 20, 2009

February 18, 2009

To: All Players, Parents, Coaches, Administrators and Fans of Texas High School Lacrosse

Subject: Sportsmanship

The Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL) was formed in 1989. This season marks our 20th anniversary. While we continue to make great strides in introducing lacrosse and elevating the level of play of lacrosse in Texas, all is based on a foundation of safety and sportsmanship.

I am going to make a few statements about Sportsmanship, and ask that you share this email or a version in your own words with your entire program. Take this as part affirmation of one of the Board of Directors' core beliefs of the THSLL, and part a letter in reaction to several events in games and at the Texas A&M tournament. It's early in the season and we believe all involved with the THSLL play a role in promoting sportsmanship.

The League will not accept poor sportsmanship. The League will not hesitate to take action against any player, parent, coach, administrator, fan or entire program that violates league sportsmanship rules. We have come too far and we expect too much.

1)  We are ambassadors of lacrosse, our team, our school and our city. We should keep this in mind with everything we say and every action we take.

2)  Only positive things should be said by parents and spectators.

3)  Only the Head Coach (not me, not the Site Administrator, no player, no parent and no fan) should address an official during the game.  This is in the NCAA rulebook under which all THSLL sanctioned games are played. If you have an issue with an official, see your head coach at the half or after the game.

4)  Don't forget the players of the opposing teams are someone's sons.  Treat them with the same respect you would give your own sons.

5) The men and women who officiate our games do so for the love of the game and to give our players the opportunity to grow from playing the best of team sports. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Everyone makes mistakes; these men and women are human. In the end, it is but a game.

Lacrosse, like life, is a journey not measured by "minutes" or games, but by seasons and years. Lets all have a tremendous season in honor of the THSLL's 20th anniversary.


THSLL Board of Directors

Jay Widdig - THSLL Commissioner

Russell Cosby - DI North Coordinator

Al Picazo - DI Central Coordinator

Joe Donoghue - DI South Coordinator

Rick Cook - DII North Coordinator

David Hamill - DII Central Coordinator (acting)

Mike Ormsby - DII South Coordinator

Ray Martin - DIII North Coordinator

Bill Montez - DII/DIII San Antonio Coordinator

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