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Posted on June 15, 2009
THSLL Coaches, Administrators, Athletic Directors, Parents, and Players, My name is Ray Martin, your new THSLL Commissioner, and I am excited about working closely with you over the next several years to build the bridge to the future of the Texas High School Lacrosse League.  I volunteered for this position because I want to do my part to help grow and promote the sport of lacrosse in Texas, and give every Texas high school boy the opportunity to experience Texas lacrosse. My passion for and commitment to Texas lacrosse came from my two sons' playing experiences, and my coaching experiences, over the past ten years in North Texas.  I sincerely want to give back some of what we have received from Texas lacrosse by committing my time and energy to THSLL and Texas lacrosse as your THSLL Commissioner. It is my intent to listen and learn from you the leaders and members of THSLL.  My mission as THSLL Commissioner is to work closely with you to build a strategic plan for THSLL, with 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year perspectives, and to act on that plan by educating, evangelizing, and promoting THSLL and Texas lacrosse, so that we, together, can gain the much needed and required mindshare of the various Texas constituents for THSLL and Texas lacrosse. I know that we will have many challenges ahead of us.  Much has been accomplished, but there is much left to do.  I know that my actions must speak louder than my words, and that I must reach out to you to get your ideas and your participation in the process with the THSLL Board of Directors in order to achieve our agreed upon objectives.  I need and want your active participation in THSLL leadership roles and committees, and your ideas and feedback, so that we can evolve our plan and league to keep pace with the growth and demands of the sport of lacrosse in Texas. To that end, I will be coming to each district in early September for town hall meetings with the THSLL leadership and membership prior to the THSLL State Meeting (scheduled for September 26th in Dallas) to meet you and give you an opportunity to speak out on the current state and future state of THSLL.  As soon as I get the logistics for these town hall meetings worked out with the THSLL Board of Directors, we will post them on and send a follow up email on them to your leadership. I am also providing my email address so that you can reach out to me at any time with ideas, suggestions, feedback, and/or concerns.  If you want to talk with me directly about any lacrosse related topic, email me with your contact information and your topic, and I will contact you within a reasonable period of time based on the sense of urgency expressed in your email to follow up.  Please note that THSLL By-Laws and/or Rulebook matters should still go through your Program Administrator/Coaches and District Coordinator for timely consideration and response. I hope that you will join me in building the bridge to the future of the Texas High School Lacrosse League.  Nothing good comes without participation and commitment.  You have mine.  I would very much like yours. Sincerely, Ray Martin THSLL Commissioner
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