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Posted on August 11, 2009
The THSLL Board of Directors has received proposals from member programs for restructuring of THSLL and modification of THSLL eligibility rules. Please see the links below to review these member program proposals.  Note that these proposals require member program consideration and support in order to be considered at the THSLL State Meeting on September 26, 2009. Towards that end, the THSLL Board of Directors voted at our THSLL Board of Directors Meeting on June 20, 2009 to modify the process for rules change proposals that require member program votes. The new requirement  is a signed petition, and/or written acknowledgements, support for the proposals by at least 20% of the member programs, of which 50% must be from outside the submitting member program's district.  The THSLL Board of Directors will only bring proposals before the THSLL member programs for consideration and a vote at a THSLL State Meeting and/or special meeting when this requirement is met.  The proposals and the supporting documentation should be sent to Nancy Powers, the THSLL Administrator, at This process change serves three purposes.  First, it ensures that THSLL member programs have their proposals seriously considered; all THSLL member programs are aware of such proposals and have the opportunity to consider them, discuss them, and weigh in on whether they believe all the THSLL member programs should consider them.  Second, it gives the submitting member program an opportunity to present their proposal to other member programs and receive feedback and suggestions on the proposal, and garner support for it to meet the submission requirement.  Third, it ensures that the THSLL member programs have a voice in the direction of THSLL and that we are making THSLL decisions based on majority rule after careful consideration of such proposals and/or alternatives from the due diligence around them. Because these proposals have already been submitted, the THSLL State Meeting planning is completed, and the THSLL Board of Directors modified the process after submission of these proposals, the THSLL Board of Directors has posted them on the website, is communicating with the member programs about them and the process modification.  We will also hold them in the queue for consideration for the THSLL State Meeting agenda until August 22, 2009.  At that time, if the required member program support as called for above has been received by the THSLL Board of Directors they will be added to the agenda for the THSLL State Meeting and time will be allocated for their consideration. Please note that as of August 12, 2009 none of these proposals has the required member program support to be considered at the THSLL State Meeting September 26, 2009. hillcrest-thsll-overview.pdf hillcrest-player-eligibilty.pdf hillcrest-100-percent-rule-change.pdf 2009-state-playoff-format_change_form1.pdf block-platt-restructure.pdf plano-west-percentage-rule-change.pdf plano-west-eligibility-addition.pdf plano-west-cut-player.pdf esd-high-hits-game-review-rule-proposal.pdf stony-point-dual-division-program-change.pdf
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