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Posted on March 24, 2010
The THSLL Board of Directors, after being notified of a Texas Supreme Court ruling regarding home school students has made a housekeeping change to the 2010 THSLL Rulebook Section 8.2 Home School.  The new 8.2 Home School wording is as follows: "A student enrolled in a home school or correspondence school is defined as a private school student for THSLL eligibility purposes, and must provide written notification of their academic status to the THSLL Board of Directors through their District Coordinator.  The written notification must include dates of enrollment, home address used for determining public school attendance zone, a copy of the THSLL Member School Program roster, and the signature of the parent or legal guardian.  If the student was previously on a THSLL Member School Program roster, the notification should include the name of the THSLL Member School Program and dates the student played for the THSLL Member School Program." Please note the 2010 THSLL Rulebook has been updated accordingly and is available at
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