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Posted on March 22, 2013
Currently US Lacrosse awards eight (8) players in the THSLL the honor of All-American (AA).

Player eligibility guidelines
1. Players under consideration must be members of US Lacrosse.
2. Players selected must be selected to a District’s All-State Team before he is eligible for All-American.
3. Players from all THSLL Division I and II Teams are eligible for consideration for All-American awards. Players must be a member in good standing with US Lacrosse;
4. Post high school graduates who continue to compete for a high school program are NOT eligible to be considered for All-American.
5. Players may not be both All-American and Academic All-American.

Selection process
1. Nominations from each District will be completed at the end of THSLL season District meetings when the All-State Teams have been selected;• AA/AAA nominations and support information by April 22,2013
2. There is no limit on the number of players a District can nominate;
3. The standard set over the years has been that our AA nominees are our very best players;

Selection Committee

1. An All-American Selection Committee is created consisting of 10 voting coaches, 2 from each Division I District, and 1 from each Division II District
2. Each Division’s pool of coaches within each District will select its coaches to be on the Selection Committee;
3. It is recommended that coaches that serve on the Committee be very experienced, possibly having coached summer all star teams from Texas and inter-District and inter-Divisional games;
4. Members of the Selection Committee will be voted to serve terms by their peer District coaches in each Division I or II;
5. Terms are two years and one year to ensure Committee continuity;
6. A member may not serve more than two consecutive terms, but may serve more than once;
7. Terms run from October 1st and expire on September 30th;
8. Terms are to be staggered, and initial terms determined by lot;
9. The Texas Area Chair for US Lacrosse will serve two-year terms, with a limit of two consecutive terms, but may serve more than once. The Texas Area Chair will be selected by the Committee.

Voting process
1. Voting will be done during a conference call consisting of the 11 participants;
2. Coaches with nominated players will present the nominations to the Committee during the conference call;
3. Coaches with nominated players may be on the Committee.
4. The voting coaches count for one vote each
5. The US Lacrosse Area Chair only votes in the case that a tie needs to be broken.

Academic All-American

Currently US Lacrosse awards four (4) players in the THSLL the honor of Academic All-American. Each District can be awarded one (1) Academic All-American (Central, North, San Antonio and South).

Eligibility Guidelines
Academic All-American
1. Players may come from any THSLL Member Varsity Team;
2. Nominations for selection should be made in writing prior per the THSLL Timetable;• Nominations and supporting documentation due April 15, 2013 for Coach of the Year, Asst. Coach of the Year, Person of the Year, Academic All American
3. Players selected for All-American may not be considered for Academic All-American;
4. Nominated players must be seniors;
5. A school transcript and resume must accompany the nomination;
6. Any player that has received a diploma from a secondary school will not be eligible for Academic All-American status during post-graduate study.

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