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Posted on August 25, 2016
Central Catholic Department of Athletics
Head Lacrosse Coach
Central Catholic is a Catholic College Prep School for young men grades 9-12 in San Antonio education students from diverse backgrounds for success through the development of scholarship, leadership and moral character. The school seeks to hire and retain employees who are skilled in their field, involved participants in the school community, active in their faith, and dedicated to carry out the mission of the school. Central Catholic seeks qualified applicants who will provide leadership to our THSLL Division II program.
Duties include: support and abide by the athletic policies and rules of the school and the THSLL; foster good sportsmanship and character in the student-athletes; supporting a positive coaching atmosphere, providing for the safety and welfare of the student-athletes, and supporting a multi-sport program.
Contact: send resumes to Carlos Enrico Athletic Director 
email:      fax:  210-227-9353
Coaches Specific Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Head Coach is responsible for submitting eligibility lists of participants for the Lacrosse Program.
  2. The Coach must furnish a travel list of players to the Athletic Director and must receive the director’s approval of means of travel. Departure time etc.
  3. The Coach is responsible for staying with participants until they have dressed and gone home. He will see that all facilities are securely locked before leaving.
  4. The Coach confers with the Athletic Director if a player is to be dismissed from the program.
  5. The coach is responsible for all equipment used in his sport. A current inventory must be maintained of all equipment used.
  6. The coach provides assistance to other coaches to assure coordination and success in each sport.
  7. The coach is directly responsible to the Athletic Director for his behavior while carrying out duties connected with athletics.
  8. The coach must submit a list of names to the Athletic Director of those participants recommended for awards.
  9. Assumes responsibility for Central Catholic’s participation in all THSLL activities.
  10. Keeps abreast of all rules and regulations of THSLL and sees that the school, in all matters, complies with these regulations.
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